Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test

An allergy to cats can occur even if you do not own a pet as the allergens are extremely tiny, spread easily and can circulate in the air. If a person is allergic to cat dander, the body will produce antibodies to counter the effect of the allergens.

The Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test is a simple at home visual test to detect raised levels of IgE Specific allergy antibodies to cat dander or epithelia (skin cells) using a finger prink blood sample. The test is designed to detect elevated levels above the expected normal range, producing a visual test result in 15 minutes.

Directions For Use

This test has been simplified for home use; you simply add a drop of blood obtained safely and easily with the finger stick device included. The contents of the test include:

  • Alcohol swab
  • Finger Stick device
  • Dropper
  • Test Device
  • Test Solution

There are 6 steps to the test:

  • Step 1 - Wipe the finger to be pricked with the alcohol swab.
  • Step 2 - Apply presure with the thumb to the top of the finger being using to provide the sample and then press the finger stick device firmly against the top of the finger.
  • Step 3 - Squeeze the finger to get a large drop of blood.
  • Step 4 - Hold the dropper horizontally to get the blood to flow in to the dropper along to the line.
  • Step 5 - Transfer the blood from the dropper in to the sample well (marked 'S') in thetest device (WAIT 90 SECONDS).
  • Step 6 - Add 5 drops of testsolution to the hole (marked 'D') in the test device. Read the visual results after exactly 15 minutes.

To obtains the best results, perform this test only after you have read the included directions carefully. This is a screening test and additional clinical investigations will be needed for a diagnosis.

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