Apo-Ipravent Nasal Spray (Generic of Atrovent)

Apo-Ipravent is a generic of Atrovent Nasal Spray which relieves the symptoms of a persistent runny nose caused by seasonal allergies or a runny nose associated with the common cold. Each bottle of Apo-Ipravent Nasal Spray provides 345 metered doses.

Product Dosage

For allergic and non-allergic rhinitis: Adults and children - 2 sprays up each nostril 2-3 times daily.

For rhinitis associated with the common cold: Adults - initial dose: 2 sprays up each nostril followed after 5 minutes by a further 2 sprays. Subsequent doses (2-3 times per day) 2 sprays up each nostril (at regular intervals).

Instructions for Use

Carefully read the enclosed leaflet before using.

Warnings and Precautions

Before you start to use APO-Ipravent Nasal Spray, be sure to tell your health professional if:

  • You are pregnant or intend to become pregnant or you are breastfeeding.
  • You have difficulty/trouble urinating or problems with your prostate.
  • You are taking any other medications including eye drops or any other medications you can buy without a prescription.
  • You have allergies or reactions to foods or drugs.
  • You have eye problems, such as predisposition to glaucoma.

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