Clarinase ( Claritin D ) 24 Hour Relief

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Clarinase is a generic Claritin D. Clarinase ( Claritin D ) provides a non-drowsy combination of antihistamine and decongestant that offers 24 hour relief from allergic nasal and sinus congestion. Clarinase relieves the symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis, commonly referred to as hayfever, which include sneezing, a runny or itchy nose, and a burning or itchy sensation in the eyes. The active ingredients in Clarinase are 10mg of the antihistamine Loratadine and 240mg of the decongestant Pseudoephedrine Sulphate. Loratadine helps to reduce the symptoms of an allergic reaction by preventing the effects of the substance histamine within the body. Pseudoephedrine Sulphate narrows the blood vessels assisting the clearing of a blocked nose. Clarinase 24 Hour Relief is available in packets of 7 sustained release tablets.

Product Dosage

Clarinase 24 Hour Relief is not be used by children under 12 years of age unless advised otherwise by your doctor or pharmacist.

Adults and children over 12 years of age take one tablet daily.

Swallow the tablet whole without crushing, breaking or chewing. The tablet can be taken either before or with a meal.

Do not take a double dosage of Clarinase 24 Hour Relief. If you miss a dose but remember well before you are due to take your next dose then take it as normal. If it is not long before your next scheduled dose then skip the forgotten dose and take the next dose when it is due.

Warnings and Precautions:
  • Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using Clarinase if you are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking Clarinase if you have liver or severe kidney problems
  • Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking Clarinase if you are 60 years or older because your may be more sensitive to the effects of this medicine
  • Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking Clarinase if you are taking medication for heart disease or blood pressure medication for hypertension or if you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) therapy for depression
  • Clarinase is unlikely to cause drowsiness. If, however, you find that you become affected do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery
  • Do not use Clarinase if you have pressure in the eye (glaucoma), diabetes, an enlarged prostate, bladder problems or difficulty urinating, high blood pressure, heart or blood vessel disease, or an overactive thyroid gland
  • Do not use Clarinase if you are allergic to Loratadine, Pseudoephedrine Sulphate or any of the other ingredients of Clarinase. Clarinase does not contain lactose or gluten but does contain sucrose
  • Keep Clarinase out of the reach of children
  • In some cases, possible side effects of this medication may include:Headaches, Nervousness, Dry mouth ,Sleeplessness, Drowsiness

Maintenance: Keep Clarinase in a cool, dry place. Store below 30 degrees Celsius. Protect from direct sunlight.

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Clarinase 24 Hour Relief is manufactured by Schering-Plough Pty Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand.