Demazin Syrup

Demazin Syrup combines a decongestant and antihistamine in one medication that provides relief from the symptoms of colds, hayfever and other allergies. These symptoms include a runny nose, sneezing, sinus and nasal congestion, congestion accompanying glue ear or Eustachian tube blockage, and watery, itchy eyes. Each 5ml of Demazin Syrup contains 1.25mg of Chlorpheniramine maleate and 2.5mg of Phenylephrine hydrochloride as the active ingredients. Chlorpheniramine maleate is an antihistamine that blocks the action of histamine released by the body while Phenylephrine hydrochloride works as a decongestant, reducing swelling and congestion. Demazin Syrup comes in Vanilla and Peach flavour and is available in a 200ml bottle with a child resistant cap.

Product Dosage

Demazin Syrup is not be used by children under 2 years of age without the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

Children aged from 2 to 4 years can take 4-6ml of Demazin Syrup every 6 to 8 hours.

Children aged from 4 to 6 years can take 6-8ml of Demazin Syrup every 6 to 8 hours.

Children aged from 6 to 12 years can take 8-15ml of Demazin Syrup every 6 to 8 hours.

Adults and Children over 12 years can take 15ml of Demazin Syrup every 6 hours.

Warnings and Precautions:
  • Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using Demazin Syrup if you are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking Demazin Syrup if you have liver or severe kidney problems
  • Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking Demazin Syrup if you are currently taking medication for hypertension (high blood pressure), coronary heart disease or depression (MAOIs)
  • Demazin Syrup is unlikely to cause drowsiness. If, however, you find that you become affected do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Do not use Demazin Syrup if you are allergic to Chlorpheniramine maleate, Phenylephrine hydrochloride, or any of the other ingredients of Demazin Syrup. Demazin Syrup contains methyl hydroxybenzoate and propyl hydroxybenzoate as preservatives. It also contains sorbitol which may have a laxative effect in some people. Demazin Syrup contains sucrose but does not contain lactose or gluten
  • Keep Demazin Syrup out of the reach of children
  • In some cases, possible side effects of this medication may include: Headache, Fatigue, Dry mouth

Maintenance: Keep Demazin Syrup in a cool, dry place. Store below 30 degrees Celsius. Protect from direct sunlight

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Demazin Syrup is marketed in New Zealand by Schering-Plough Pty Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand