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Account Benefits

To make our website even easier to use, we recommend that you create a Treat Allergies account. You do not have to have an account to order from us but it does have certain benefits if you do choose to create one. A Treat Allergies account means that your preferred billing and shipping addresses will automatically be filled in for you when you place an order with us, saving you the effort of typing them in each time you order. You can change your preferred billing and shipping information by logging onto your account. To make ordering even easier, you can also use the 'Permanent Cart' and 'Permanent logon' features which can be accessed through your account.If you use the 'Permanent Cart' option, it will automatically load the contents of your previous order into your shopping cart when your log onto our website. You should logon to the site as soon as you arrive at Treat Allergies to use this feature. The 'Permanent Cart' will only work if the products from the last order are still available and the previous order was a valid one. If a product from your previous order is no longer available, it will automatically be removed from the 'Permanent Cart'.The 'Permanent logon' feature allows you to return to Treat Allergies at any time and access your account without having to logon. You remain permanently logged on to your account. This feature is most effective when used in tandem with the 'Permanent logon'.Both the 'Permanent Cart' and the 'Permanent logon' require that your web browser had been configured to accept 'cookies' to work. If you are unsure how to set your browser to accept 'cookies' then check your browser's help to find out how to activate them.Another account benefit is that you are able to access a complete list of all of your Treat Allergies orders. This displays all of the information regarding the charging and processing of your orders in one convenient place.